The world's simplest personal Email notification API.

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Command line
Bash script
Python3 ( and Jupyter notebook )

Privacy Statement

We do not run ads. We do not share or sell your data.

Email us and we will promptly delete your data upon request.

Fair Use Policy

Our service operates under a fair use policy which assumes a few emails per day per user. Please contact us for more details or if you have specific requirements.

Questions and Answers

How can I contact you?


I can see it says “No credit card required” - does that mean it’s a free service, or you will charge me I upgrade, if so what is that price?

Batsign personal is a free service, with no plans to charge for it specifically.

What pain point does alleviate?

Setting up an email server can be complicated and painful. Installing an email client is an extra system dependency that also needs to be configured. Batsign was built to make it very easy to set up email notifications.


You can only send yourself an email. Emails can only be plain text. You cannot change the subject line. Email body can only be a certain length.

What is logged in the servers? And for how long?

Every notification sent via Batsign is logged indefinitely, or until you request data be removed.

How is it different from just using sendmail?

Enabling personal email notifications is a one-step process with Batsign. Sendmail setup requires a number of steps. If you already have access to a sendmail server, then there is probably not much difference, although you will have to configure an email client.

Why does "/your@e.mail/" need to be in the POST request, would a random UUID be better to prevent forged Batsigns?

The email in the URL makes it easy to know what address your message will go to. We are open to changing this. There is a random pin number added to each URL to make forgeries unlikely.

As a feature can you include logs section (sometime emails are not delivered or to get past emails which are from inbox) and other details like whether email is sent or not?

You can now view all logs of all messages sent via Batsign.

How are you going to keep the lights on?

Batsign is paid for by xiliary systems limited. You can donate below.